Gumnam - Performance

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At close to sea level, under standard temperature & pressure conditions, with the aircraft loaded to 410 Kg all up weight, and with the 65 BHP Engine, with doors. The GUMNAM performance figures are as follows:

Stall Speed 45 Km/h
Max Speed level flight 120 Km/h
Min Practical Speed level flight 65 Km/h
Economy Cruise 80 - 100 Km/h
Best Rate of Climb 3 meters/sec At 80 km/h 
Best Glide Ratio 9 to 1
Distance to clear 15 m at Take off 220 meters
Distance to clear 15 m at landing 230 meters
Rolling Distance at Take off 100 meters
Fuel Consumption 15 litres/hour at 80 Km/h
Useful ceiling 12000 ft

Structurally the GUMNAM will endure stress upto 6 positive Gs, or 4 negative Gs. This is far beyond the limits to which the Aircraft will be exposed to, even in the most severe turbulent conditions. However, it is important to note that THE GUMNAM IS NOT DESIGNED TO PERFORM AEROBATICS! All components are protected from Corrosion, by Epoxy / Polyurethane Paints, or Electrolytic processes to ensure a safe & long life of structural components even in Coastal Environments.