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The construction technique and raw materials used are absolutely identical to those used, and well proven, on more than 1000 X-Airs exported Worldwide from our Factory at Bangalore. That is, alloy aluminium tubes linked through welded steel components, and sailcloth. This technique has many advantages over other methods of construction, such as economy, light-weight, and easy replacement of components by the user itself, making maintenance and repairs cheap and simple. Moreover, the structure will deform under impact, absorbing energy, thus providing an excellent passive safety factor.
The Hanuman features full dual controls, with the exception of the main pilot seat having brakes and flaps controls. The cockpit can accomodate even the tallest of pilots with both seats mounted on adjustable rails. The front wheel is fitted with a spring suspension while the rear wheel has an efficient bungee suspension and are both fitted with individual drum brakes. The Hanuman is highly suited for flight training operations and is being introduced into British flight schools as competitive alternative to the Cessna 152 type of aircraft.