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The Hanuman is fitted with the newly available 80HP, 4-cylinder 4-stroke 2.2 ltr JABIRU engine made in Australia. The JABIRU engines run on normal automotive petrol (95 Octane) or 100 LL. It offers more power at lower fuel consumption rates and is much quieter. It is air-cooled and the propeller is directly mounted on the drive shaft. The 80 ltr capacity tank gives it 8 hours autonomy.
These Engines are designed to run also on automotive Petrol. Hence there is no need to go in search of Aviation Fuel, which makes the use of Hanuman less dependent on Airfields, and Aviation Fuel supplies.

The standard minimum Instrumentation consists of the following: Tachometer, Air Speed Indicator, Altimeter, Ball, Battery Charge Indicator & coolant temperature or CHT. Optional Instruments include EGT, Compass, Intercom, VHF Radio, GPS etc.. The optional Instruments may be deleted if Low Cost is a priority, or may be added later on.